Welcome to the website of the Arleth Group at UCPH!

The group is situated at the X-ray and Neutron Science section at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen. It is headed by professor Lise Arleth, and specialises in the study of biological systems using small-angle scattering techniques, i.e. SAXS and SANS. Almost all experiments are performed at large-scale facilities, such as synchrotrons and reactors.

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Negative Stain on ApoE nanodisc

Venturing into real space

As a group focused on scattering experiments, we usually prefer to work in reciprocal space, however, we have recently ventured into real space, by performing electron microscopy on some of our protein samples.
One example is our recent negative stained electron microscopy experiments on nanodiscs with apolipoprotein E as a belt protein, and the results are very promising. It seems like we can benefit greatly from combining our usual SAXS and SANS approach with electron microscopy to get a complete picture (now literally) of these biological macromolecules.
Thanks to Thomas Boesen from Aarhus University, Klaus Qvortrup and Tillmann Pape from the Core Facility for Integrated Microscopy (CFIM) and Michael Gajhede from department of drug design and pharmacology at University of Copenhagen for support with data collection and reduction.