Welcome to the website of the Arleth Group at UCPH!

The group is situated at the X-ray and Neutron Science section at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen. It is headed by professor Lise Arleth, and specialises in the study of biological systems using small-angle scattering techniques, i.e. SAXS and SANS. Almost all experiments are performed at large-scale facilities, such as synchrotrons and reactors.

Latest news

Experiments at DESY in December

Winter 2017: Beamtimes and the yearly Mont d'Or challenge

The winter has been a busy one for the Arleth Group. We have been on many beamtimes, both SAXS and SANS, and conducted a lot of research.
Many people from the group went on one of our largest beamtimes of the year, as we went to the BioSAXS (P12) beamline at DESY in Hamburg, Germany. This has been a yearly event as part of a larger collaboration with multiple danish reasearch groups. It was a busy beamtime with many people and many samples, with measurements going until the very end of the beamtime. The picture is of our team in the hutch at P12
We have also had a team going to FRM-II in Munich, Germany to perform SANS experiments on Nanodiscs.
The winter is also the time of one of our favourite social gatherings: the yearly Mont d'Or challenge. Organized by Søren, it is an evening of Mont d'Or cheese, good wine, and good company.

Lastly, congratulations to Søren, Martin Cramer, Andreas and former group members Pie, Grethe, and Søren Kynde and our collaborators from Poul Nissens group at Aarhus University, and to Jette Kastrups and Poul-Erik Jensens groups at University of Copenhagen on the publication of the paper "Invisible detergents for structure determination of membrane proteins by small-angle neutron scattering" in the FEBS Journal in the January issue. Also many thanks to the collaborators at the beamlines at ANSTO, FRM-II, and ILL where the SANS data were collected, and Dr. Tamim Dwarish at the National Deuteration Facility at ANSTO for supplying custom deuterated lipids and detergents.